DrillAmerica® 9-Pound Weighted Training Rod

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Train anywhere anytime with our new 9-pound training bar.

This item has a shipping weight surcharge of $7 per bar when shipped within the continental US and $17 per bar when shipped everywhere else.

Train anywhere, anytime with the DrillAmerica 9-pound training bar. This bar is weighted like your DA1903. It's an excellent choice for team or individual practice drills. This bar is great for practicing in places where rifles would not be appropriate. It is covered in a foam sleeve with molded plastic end caps for added safety. Glendale Parade Store is proud to carry a full line of DrillAmerica drill rifle products.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is intended to be a resistance training aid for basic rifle handling maneuvers to assist in developing endurance and precision. It is not designed to sustain significant impact from drops or other accidents that occur during training. Furthermore, it is not designed to be a replacement for a drill rifle in performing advanced rifle handling techniques including advanced aerials, tosses and other high-velocity maneuvers. Before training with this product, we highly encourage taping both balance and stress points (such as around the end-caps) to assist in durability and training function. Glendale Parade Store cannot be held responsible for damage to this product incurred either without competent adult supervision or through mishandling of the product resulting in high-velocity drops or bobbles.

Add a surcharge for each training rod in addition to the regular shipping charge within the 48 contiguous United States. Add a shipping surcharge for each training rod shipped to all other locations.