How To Qualify

Earn Certified Slings by Performing Tricks!

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How To Qualify

Part 1: How Do I Start?

To start, you'll need the following items:

  1. A drill rifle (7 lbs or more)
  2. A video camera/cell phone
  3. A SAFE place to drill

After securing these things, you'll start your journey with the White Sling Curriculum. Here, you'll find a list of tricks. Learn them, and once you're ready, you'll go to your Safe Drill Location with a buddy and perform the required tricks on film.

Part 2: What Do I Do With My Video?

Now that you have a video, it'll need to submitted. For this to happen, you'll need to:

  1. Go to the Grading Submission Form found on the appropriate sling page.
  2. Fill out the required information and click "Upload Video".
  3. Select your video, fill out the additional communications information, and click "Send".
  4. Wait for the file to upload and for you to be automatically redirected.

That's it!

If you're submitting White, Yellow, and Orange sling, you’ll receive an email within 5 business days certifying you directly. If you didn't pass, you'll receive an email with detailed feedback and have the opportunity to refilm and resubmit.

If you're submitting for Red or higher, your video will be graded on a livestream.

Part 3: What Happens on the Livestream?

On a certification livestream, your video will be assessed based on the standard set by The Drill Dojo Scoring System.

If your video passes, your name will be added to the sling color registry, which is public and posted at the bottom of each sling color page. This also qualifies you to be able to purchase a Certified Pro Sling in the color of your qualification. You are unable to purchase Certified Slings unless your name is in the Registry.

If your video does not pass, don't fret! This happens, and it's an important part of your development as a driller. It simply means that it wouldn't be safe to begin learning more advanced moves. You'll simply need to re-record and re-submit for the next livestream.

Part 4: I Certified! What next?

​Congratulations on your White Sling Certification! You're now eligible to qualify at the Yellow Sling Level! You'll repeat these steps at each level until you're Black Sling Certified, and then you'll have the opportunity to go even further beyond. Congratulations again on taking your first step in the Drill Dojo - I can't wait to see how far you go!

Part 5: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this really free?

Answer: Yes! Qualification Review and Addition to the Registry is COMPLETELY FREE! If you'd like the sling to commemorate your accomplishment, however, that will cost money in the Sling Store. But owning the sling is not necessary to participate!

Question:Can I jump straight to the highest sling I can earn, or do I have to go in order?

Answer: On the current curriculum, you must demonstrate proficiency in the proper order of sling colors, starting with the White Sling Certification and moving through the Black Sling Certification. For your first submission, you may submit all videos up to your current skill level. However, once you have been featured on a livestream, there are additional rules regarding pacing and tenure you must follow. See the scoring guide for more information.

Question: How does judging and scoring work?

Answer: In order to keep the organization transparent, judging will be done during scheduled livestreams on the Drill Dojo YouTube channel. Each performed trick will receive a score between 1-10, and an average score of 8 points per trick must be attained. These deductions will be assessed against the Drill Dojo Scoring System You receive only one chance to perform a trick in a video and a botched setup will count as the trick. A drop or skipped tricks will automatically disqualify the entry.

Question: I can do all the tricks for a sling, but not at once. Can I edit these tricks together and still qualify?

Answer: No. Videos must be uncut and unedited from the beginning of the first trick until the end of the last trick. This ensures a high level of consistency for each sling and makes your qualification equivalent to a live test-out. Any videos that have been edited or cropped out to hide drops or fumbles will be automatically and immediately disqualified.

Question: Can I do all the tricks listed from the "Choose 3" section and only use the best 3 scores for that section?

Answer: No. Only the first 3 tricks performed from any given "Choose 3" section will be graded. The rest will be discarded.

Question: Is there a minimum weight requirement for my rifle to earn a badge?

Answer: Yes. The Drill Dojo currently only recognizes the weight class of 7.0 lbs and higher, to include demilitarized 1903's, demilitarized M1 Garands, demilitarized M14s, Daisy drill rifles, Glendale M1 Replicas, Glendale 1903 Replicas, and Spraisy/Glenfield variants. On all variants, it is permitted to remove either a buttplate or a bolt from your rifle, but not both. Please ensure that if you're moving to a faraway distance on camera that the bolt and buttplate are clearly visible at some point in the video. If you are unclear or believe your rifle meets the 7.0 lbs weight requirement, you are allowed to demonstrate the weight using a Digital Luggage Scale ​provided all information from a proper tare (0.0 lbs reading) and a finalized 7.0 lbs+ are shown on camera, and the tricks start immediately thereafter.

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