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Q: With the new curriculum, do I need to requalify, or do I keep my current qualification level?

A: You will be able to keep your qualification level already attained. Since the new curriculum adds a new sling, each sling got a little more streamlined, but none of them got harder. As such, your current qualification level sticks.

Q: With the new curriculum, can I jump straight to the sling I can earn, or do I have to go in order?

A: In the past, the Drill Dojo allowed people to jump to the appropriate skill level, but this is no longer the case. On the current curriculum, you must demonstrate proficiency in the proper order of sling colors, starting with the White Sling Certification and moving through the Black Sling Certification. You are, however, allowed to submit multiple videos per stream. For instance, if you are able to test out for Orange Sling as your first certification, you must submit a White Sling and Yellow Sling video as well. These will all be reviewed on the same day, and if they all pass, you will receive an Orange Sling Certification on your first livestream. Should a video fail at a lower level, however, the higher level video will not be reviewed until the lower level sling qualification is attained.

Q: What is the Drill Dojo?

A: The Drill Dojo is a project run by Adam Jeup, Justin Delaurier, and Justin Ghan. This particular program is sponsored by the School of Independent Drill and has a focus on the performance of solo-oriented tricks. Other idealogical schools will be added to the Drill Dojo with time.

Q: Does it cost anything to participate?

A: No. Qualifying for slings and being added to the registry are free. We are all students of drill. If you'd like to publicly display your attainment level with a certified sling, however, you are welcome to purchase a certified sling from the sling store. Upon purchase, your name will be cross-referenced with the Registry and you will be mailed the appropriately colored sling. You cannot purchase certified slings above your current qualification level, and you agree upon purchase not to transfer the certified badge to a colored sling you did not earn.

Q: How does judging and scoring work?

A: In order to keep the organization transparent, judging will be done solely by Adam Jeup during scheduled livestreams on the Independent Drill Dojo YouTube channel. Each performed trick will receive a score between 1-10, and an average score of 8 points per trick must be attained. You receive only one chance to perform a trick in a video - and a botched setup will count as the trick to keep the stakes consistent with a live performance. A drop or skipped tricks will automatically disqualify the entry.

Q: I can do all the tricks for a sling, but not at once. Can I edit these tricks together and still qualify?

A: No. Videos must be uncut and unedited from the beginning of the first trick until the end of the last trick. This ensures a high level of consistency for each sling and makes your qualification equivalent to a live test-out. Any videos that have been edited or cropped out to hide drops or fumbles will be automatically and immediately disqualified.

Q: Can I do all the tricks listed from the "Choose 3" section and only use to best 3 scores for that section?

A: No. Only the first 3 tricks performed from any given "Choose 3" section will be graded. The rest will be discarded.

Q: Is there a minimum weight requirement for my rifle to earn a badge?

A: Yes. The Drill Dojo currently only recognizes the weight class of 7.5 lbs and higher, to include demilitarized 1903's, demilitarized M1 Garands, demilitarized M14s, Daisy drill rifles, Glendale M1 Replicas, Glendale 1903 Replicas, and Spraisy/Glenfield variants. On all variants, it is permitted to remove either a buttplate or a bolt from your rifle, but not both. Please ensure that if you're moving to a faraway distance on camera that the bolt and buttplate are clearly visible at some point in the video. If you are unclear or believe your rifle meets the 7.5 lbs weight requirement, you are allowed to demonstrate the weight using a Digital Luggage Scale ​provided all information from a proper tare (0.0 lbs reading) and a finalized 7.5 lbs+ are shown on camera, and the tricks start immediately thereafter.

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