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Black Sling


Mandatory Tricks

To earn your Black Sling, you must have a Blue Sling Certification and perform any six of the following tricks:​

For a total of ​six ​tricks.
IMPORTANT NOTE: All Black Sling Qualifications MUST INCLUDE AT LEAST ONE 540 Varial in order to pass.

Video Overview


Black Slings are Pass/Fail and Graded Off-Stream.

Black Slings are graded on the following curve:


Minor Penalties: 0.00

Moderate Penalties: 0.00

Major Penalties: 5.00


Minimum Passing Score: 80+ points

Maximum Score: 100 points

​Failure conditions for Pass/Fail include:

  1. The rifle is caught by the sling.
  2. The rifle touches the ground at all at the time of the catch.
  3. A trick is not performed as required (such as unauthorized wind ups, especially during stationary triple full ninja - see the attached video for expectations).
  4. Two feet must be on the ground at the time of the catch (exceptions are made for drillers in the middle of an otherwise controlled step. This rule is to avoid a qualification video where the driller lunges for a lucky, uncontrolled catch.)
  5. The scorer reserves the right to make additional judgment calls (if an issue arises, it will be discussed prior to livestreams)

As a reminder, it is customary, but not required, to begin and end your assessment with a Present Arms.

Please Read the FAQs before submitting the form.

Grading Submission Form


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